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IP Response


Our sites are primarily designed for North American users.
Due to on going attempts of individuals from other countries to scam
our sellers online using our contact form system, we have begun tracking
the source of IP Blocks where these individuals log into the internet.
If you want to have your IP Address un-blocked Contact US.

This Page Is Free To Use. If you would like to subscribe to our
block list and use it real time with contact forms on your website,
server code available Contact US

When the database was created it was during a time on the
Internet when the Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud scams were the
biggest threat. The 419bl subdomain for
was named for the Nigerian penal code 419, which is the code for
this type of fraud. Since then the Internet has spawned a dizzying
amount of new frauds, scams, hacks and bots that do the work of
the criminals. Most new attacks now come from Website Servers as
a medium to hide the attackers. Which leaves you with this question,
why would a website server want to visit my website and why is it
filling out contact forms? Our customers do not want to read and
manually filter this nonsense out, especially if your business is
a high traffic website, so our blacklist does it for you,
and you save employee labor reading the junk.

Real time IP address blacklist and blocking software
included FREE with all our Managed Website Hosting Plans.


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